Course Packets

Course Packet FAQs

How do I go about getting my Course Packet Copied? The process of getting your course packet reproduced begins by filling out a Speedway Course Packet Order Form. This document prompts you for information on Class Size, the number of Complementary Copies you need for yourself and your TA’s, and cover page data. Options are also available regarding Binding Preferences, Section Covers, Table of Contents, Page Numbering, and Copyright.
You will then give us your original materials which can consist of loose leaf originals, books, and/or journals. That’s all.
Can Speedway make my Course Packet available on the internet for my students to download? Yes we can. Hand us your original materials and fill out our Course Packet Order Form, just as you would if you wanted a traditional copied packet. For copyright-related reasons, however, we can place on NetPaks only those Course Packets whose intellectual property rights are wholly owned by the instructor requesting this service. Thereafter, your students need only navigate to with a browser, select your packet and download. Yes, it’s that easy!
Do you Pick up and Deliver? Most certainly! In fact, you can turn in a copied or internet Course Packet order, have it completed and receive your copied complementary copies or CD without ever coming to our store. Call us at 478-3334 to pick up your original materials and we’ll be there with an order form. After your packet is done, we’ll also deliver your original materials, complementary copies and/or CD to your department office.
What other responsibilities do I have in the preparation of my Course Packet? Mostly none. However, we will assume that your loose leaf originals are already arranged in the order in which you want them reproduced. We also assume that when you turn in books or journals you will use Post-It™ notes or some other means to indicate not only which pages need to be copied but in what order you want the chapters/articles arranged for final reproduction. Quite often, instructors write out the names of the chapters/articles in the order they want them arranged for reproduction.
Will you provide me with complementary copies of my packets for myself and TAs? We most certainly will. On the Speedway Course Packet Order Form, you will find space where you’ll indicate the number of complementary copies you need for yourself and TAs. In addition, and whether or not you want your packet on the internet, you can indicate on the Order Form if you want a complementary copy of your packet on digital CD rom.
How long does it take to prepare a Course Packet? The most important factor is how soon or how late you turn in your originals. However, since we work around the clock whenever necessary, we can assure you that your packet will be ready at the time you need it!
What about black edges and crooked originals. Will they be copied as is? Categorically No! A large part of our Course Packet service is ensuring that the finished product resembles a real text book as much as possible. To accomplish this, we will digitally clean up the black edges on your loose leaf originals, and straighten crooked ones as indicated below.
Can I use books and journals as my originals? We welcome books and journals. Just indicate (with Post-It™ notes or some other means) what page numbers you want included in your Course Packet and we’ll include it without dark edges or skewing.
What kind of Page Numbering and/or Table of Contents can I expect? At your request, your packet is consecutively Numbered and the article names listed in a Table of Contents along with the page numbers on which they begin. If your packet has sections, a multilevel Table of Contents can be prepared with section titles indicated.
What if I want different sections identified with colored paper? We routinely offer this service as well. Known as Section Covers, such colored sheets can either have section headings printed on them or left as blank sheets. Either way just indicate so and its as good as done.
Do I get my originals back in tact or in tatters? Your originals are 100% unaltered, since most of our processing is done digitally. Typically your originals are delivered to your department along with your complementary copies, unless you indicate you’ll be picking them up yourself at SPEEDWAY
What are my Copying Options? You can have your packet copied double-sided or single sided. You can also have selected pages copied in full color to preserve picture, map or chart detail. Furthermore, if your class size exceeds 50 students we can copy the packet in a color other than black, such as Red or Blue. Just let us know what you want.
What are my Binding Options? Speedway offers a variety of Course Packet Binding Options including Spiral, Tape (Fastback), Stapling, Velo, and 3-hole punch. If you select 3-hole punch, you can opt for a 3-ring binder. Otherwise we hold the packet together with a rubber band at no cost. This is cheaper and more environmentally conservative than shrink wrapping. If you’re bringing your packet in late, it may be useful to know that Fastback binding a packet is much faster than Spiral binding.
What happens if my class enrollment is higher than I originally indicated? If you inform us of such a difference in class size, we will immediately copy additional packets to make it up. Otherwise, requests for packets of which we have sold out are ready within 24 hours or less from the time a student makes such a request.
What about Copyright Speedway is a subscriber to the services of the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the copyright granting organization that represents a majority of publishers.  As for Harvard publications, we obtain reproduction permission directly from Harvard Business School Publishing.
More Questions? Call us at 478-3334. Thanks.